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LaMelo Ball promotes nuance on Twitter

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Although many are too eager to cancel people for their mistakes—even the slightest error in judgment, LaMelo Ball promotes nuance on Twitter. His call for understanding people’s actions in sophisticated ways, given that humans are complex, is refreshing in a burgeoning anti-intellectual climate. This growing anti-intellectual climate features too many people ready to give their critiques without learning the facts and considering the full contexts of issues. Unfortunately, the goal too often is to be the first to comment about issues to gain attention.

LaMelo Ball promotes nuance to strengthen our discourse

Look at how LaMelo Ball promotes nuance through a tweet to call us to be more compassionate toward one another:

I disagree with the argument that Melo Ball is tweeting on the recent antisemitism charges directed at Kyrie Irving. As a human, Kyrie Irving will make mistakes. Ball’s tweet, however, does not explicitly mention Irving, and it should not be read as a tweet exclusively about Kyrie Irving. To read it in such a way is reductive, significantly diminishing the power of the tweet as a standalone sentence.

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To be fair, LaMelo Ball is aware of the recent controversy involving Kyrie Irving, and his tweet is relevant to the controversy. The tweet is relevant because it makes a broad statement that can apply to numerous issues. However, I want us to exercise caution in asserting it is a tweet about Kyrie, especially when the tweet, the sentence, does not directly mention him.

Melo has witnessed how limited thinking about his family members, especially LaVar Ball and LiAngelo Ball, has a detrimental impact. His tweet cannot be divorced from those realities, realities more intimate than those Irving faces.

Appreciate the tweet without adding anything to it

Melo’s fans, coaches, and teammates are ready for him to return to the court from injury.

The injury needs its proper time to heal, though. Not giving the injury the necessary time can lead to more troubling complications.

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