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LaMelo Ball’s NBA 2k24 rating revealed

LaMelo soars against Trail Blazers
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One of the biggest stories to hit the NBA every summer is the players’ ratings in the newest edition of the NBA 2k video game. The players in the league take their ratings seriously and look forward to when they are released.

LaMelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets is no different, as we are sure he quickly checks his rating. In NBA 2k23, LaMelo was ranked 87 to start the season. What is his ranking in NBA 2k24?

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LaMelo Ball’s NBA 2k24 rating

LaMelo Ball’s NBA 2k24 rating has been released, and it’s 86. So, LaMelo’s rating headed into this season is one point lower than the previous season.

LaMelo also has 19 Badges; his highest skill rating is his Pass Accuracy Rating. This is ranked 94 in NBA 24.

Once NBA 2k24 is released, which will be on September 8, 2023, we are sure copies will be sold out quickly. Will you have a copy? And if you do, will you play with the 86-rated LaMelo Ball?

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