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NBA ousts Draymond Green indefinitely

NBA ousts Draymond Green indefinitely
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The NBA ousts Draymond Green indefinitely for striking Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić robustly in the face in Tuesday night’s game. This led to Green’s third ejection this season and second suspension. In determining Draymond’s indefinite suspension, the NBA executive leadership divulged that this suspension “takes into account Green’s repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts.”

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Also, the NBA executive leadership divulged that “He will be required to meet certain league and team conditions before he returns to play.”

NBA Ousts Draymond Green Indefinitely

Draymond Green admitted chemistry problems


To view Green’s unacceptable act, click here. When one considers that the Golden State Warriors lost to the Phoenix Suns 119-116, Green’s reckless act plays a significant role in the outcome of this close and competitive game. The Warriors have a disappointing 10-13 record and are 11th in the Western Conference.

As the Warriors continue to struggle, the last thing they need is more unnecessary drama from Draymond Green. While Green has been vital to the team’s past success, Golden State’s leadership must resolve whether he’s worth the constant drama and distractions.

Jusuf Nurkić Responds

Nurkić argues that Draymond “needs help,” which suggests that Green’s issues are deeper than basketball. Similarly, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said, “They are going to bring the hammer down. The worst thing that could have possibly happened, believe it or not, was that sound from Nurkić. When a player sits there and says, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with him.’ They’re trying to imply you have a problem, and there’s nobody in the position to disagree with Nurkić. He’s the one that got hit.”

What Say You?

How do you believe the NBA executive leadership should respond to Draymond Green’s blow to Nurkić’s face? How should Golden State’s leadership respond? Do you think Green is more of a problem than an asset?

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