5 reasons to hire Mark Jackson as an NBA coach

5 reasons to hire Mark Jackson as an NBA coach
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With ESPN making the inexplicable decision to terminate his contract, it’s time for an organization to hire Mark Jackson as an NBA coach. This piece offers five reasons to hire Mark Jackson as an NBA coach, preferably as a head coach. Even though far more reasons exist, I desire this piece to raise awareness about why Mark Jackson would be an excellent choice to coach any NBA team.

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Hire Mark Jackson

Proven Track Record. Mark Jackson is responsible for the Golden State Warriors becoming the dominant force the team currently is. Before Steve Kerr emerged on the DubNation scene, Jackson had already essentially transformed the team into the one we see today. As New York Post writer Bryan Fonseca noted, we must never forget that Jackson led the Warriors to an impressive 51 wins in the 2013-2014 season, making the league recognize that the Warriors will be championship contenders for a long time.    

Player Development. During Mark Jackson’s tenure with the Golden State Warriors, he played an instrumental role in the growth of future MVPs and All-Stars like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Ask Steph Curry if he thinks he would be the player he is today without Jackson’s tutelage. He will tell you he would not be.

Defensive Expertise. One important feature of the Warriors I miss that was present under Jackson’s leadership is excellent defense. The team was seriously committed to defense, reflecting their coach’s tough defensive mindset.

Player Connections. Coach Jackson’s 17-year NBA playing career offers him distinctive perspectives and deep connections with players.

Rejuvenated Approach. After being away from coaching for some time now, Mark Jackson can return to an NBA coaching position enriched by observations from his years as an NBA analyst for ESPN, offering a refreshed outlook for any team that harnesses his services.

Parting Thoughts

In short, hiring Mark Jackson is more than just about onboarding an experienced and successful coach. Hiring Jackson is about integrating a transformative figure who has consistently proven his mettle on and off the court. His return to coaching beckons, and NBA franchises should seize this golden opportunity.

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