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Draymond Green admitted chemistry problems last season

Draymond Green admitted chemistry problems

In a postgame interview on November 1, 2023, Draymond Green admitted chemistry problems last season didn’t give the Golden State Warriors the best chance to achieve optimal success. Although he never mentioned Jordan Poole’s name during the interview, he was talking about him punching Poole last season. Months before this interview, Green cited Jordan Poole as the problem with the team’s chemistry last season. However, Steve Kerr disagrees with Green, arguing that it’s unfair to place sole blame on Poole.

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Similarly, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith posits that Draymond Green must explain why he delivered a knockout punch to Poole. In Smith’s view, Green is not owning his part in last season’s chemistry problems, especially given the fallout from punching Poole.

Draymond Green admitted chemistry problems

Green stated, “Last year we had an awful team as far as chemistry goes. It was hard to come to work. Not fun.” I am sure he’s sharing the team’s consensus about the chemistry problems last season. However, Draymond must learn how to control his temper. Frankly, the slightest bit of conflict seems to trigger erratic behavior from him.

This erratic behavior hurts the team when he receives technical fouls and suspensions. Someone on the team must confront him and let him know how his problematic behavior is detrimental to the team. While his willingness to bring much-needed intensity and physicality to each game is deeply appreciated, he must be wiser about deploying them.

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Parting Thoughts

With Chris Paul on the team, Steve Kerr must be more assertive in coaching Draymond Green. Paul will not permit Green to disrespect him. Throughout Paul’s NBA career, he has been known as a highly vocal leader on and off the court. If Draymond doesn’t exercise more maturity, similar issues that developed between him and Jordan Poole can emerge between him and Paul. The team cannot afford a replay of that unproductive behavior.

Draymond loves to discuss the issues between him and Jordan Poole, but it’s time to retire discussions about Poole. The Warriors have more significant problems than continuing to play with those old metaphorical sores related to Poole. Everyone needs to invest more in winning games. If Draymond desires to start a new extended conversation, he can start by focusing on what is required to give Steph Curry the help he deserves.

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