Phoenix Suns traded Chris Paul to the Washington Wizards

Pheonix Suns traded Chris Paul to the Washington Wizards

In huge news yesterday, the Phoenix Suns traded Chris Paul to the Washington Wizards. In exchange for Chris Paul, Chris Cwik, staff writer at Yahoo Sports, reported that the Suns received All-Star guard Bradley Beal from the Wizards, and the Wizards also added Landry Shamet, multiple second-round picks, and pick swaps from the Suns through this trade. Cwik divulged that the Wizards will soon trade Chris Paul, so NBA fans should not expect to see him in a Wizards’ uniform.

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Suns Traded Chris Paul

While Chris Paul was on Good Morning America yesterday promoting his new book, Sixty-One: Life Lessons from Papa, On and Off the Court, co-authored with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, he learned about the trade Sunday night while on an airplane. His son texted him the trade information. In response to the trade, Chris Paul stated, “Seriously, it’s just part of the business, and what you realize is that no one owes you anything. No matter how you are with them or what you do, you realize that in business, nobody owes you anything, as it should be.”

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When asked what is next for him, Chris Paul said, “I don’t know. I really haven’t had enough time to process it yet. Like seriously, because these things that happen affect more than just me.” Even though Paul is trying to respond as honestly and professionally as possible, he is disappointed, for he wished to retire as a member of the Phoenix Suns. Paul, a future Hall of Fame point guard, will need to develop alternative plans for his retirement. The Suns’ executive leadership has canceled his retirement plans in Phoenix.

As Chris Paul continues to travel across the country marketing his new book, he must prepare himself to answer many questions about the trade, including some queries about how he feels about specific individuals in the Suns’ organization in the wake of the trade.

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