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LiAngelo Ball anticipates fatherhood

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LiAngelo Ball anticipates fatherhood as he and Nikki Mudarris, 32, a former Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star affectionately known as Nikki Baby, recently announced they are expecting their first child. The couple told People Magazine writer Georgia Slater that “We’re both so excited about becoming parents, we spoke about having a life and kids when we first met, our goals, dreams, life we wanted, & then it really happened.”

With the Ball family receiving some unfortunate news this season, including Lonzo Ball’s injury preventing him from playing this season and possibly much of next season and LaMelo Ball’s season-ending injury, LiAngelo’s and Nikki’s news is welcomed. Gelo also battled an injury this season.

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LiAngelo Ball Anticipates Fatherhood

Although some do not feel that Nikki Baby is worthy of a relationship with LiAngelo, making their judgments based on some of her actions on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, the only thoughts that matter are Gelo’s and Nikki’s. These critics are engaging in toxic respectability politics. Ball and Mudarris are not strangers to unproductive criticism. They will not let such criticism hinder their love and relationship.

Through observing how his father, LaVar Ball, has treated him, his brothers, and his mother, LiAngelo recognizes what loving fatherhood looks like in practice. While LaVar has faced much adverse criticism, honest people admit that he is a caring and excellent father. The Ball patriarch wants the best for his family. As Gelo readies himself to welcome his new child into the world, he knows how vital it is for the child to receive the love and support his father supplied.

Excitement Abounds

I love how LiAngelo and Nikki speak with one voice as they await the birth of their child. “We can’t wait to meet our baby and begin this new chapter. It’s exciting for us both being first-time parents and getting to experience everything together,” they disclosed to Georgia Slater.

Once the child is born, one can only hope that they will remember their extant happiness and continue to “experience everything together.”

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