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LaVar Ball reacts to Matt Barnes interview with Shannon Sharpe

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It’s no secret LaVar Ball does not like All the Smoke co-host Matt Barnes. For years, Barnes has been highly critical of LaVar for his involvement in his son’s lives. Barnes has stated numerous times he believes LaVar tries to “live vicariously through his kids.”

Nowadays, Barnes seems to be singing a different tune.

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During a recent interview with Undisputed co-host, Shannon Sharpe on his podcast, Club Shay Shay, Barnes managed to praise LaVar.

Sharpe asked Barnes how his style as a parent or coach was similar or different to LaVar, and Barnes had this to say.

“I think there’s a misconception people think I don’t like him or appreciate what he did. Come on man, a black father to get his kids to where he even got them to even have a chance, I commend him for it. When I started critiquing him it was because I felt like he let these lights get to him. He became the star instead of his sons that were the actual up-and-coming stars. So I never critiqued his fathering, or anything like that.”

Barnes went on to applaud LaVar on the job he’s done as a father. He contended the two aren’t that much different, but he prefers to push his kids to the front, and remain in the background.

LaVar responded the only way he knows how. See what the Big Baller had to say below.

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