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Breaking down Lonzo Ball’s NBA 2K23 rating

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NBA 2K23 season is here and Lonzo Ball’s rating is the point of contention, well at least for me it is.

I’ll be honest, I have not played any version of NBA 2K in about, well…20 years. That’s besides the point as Lonzo’s 82 overall rating is the matter at hand.

According to 2Kratings.com, “On NBA 2K23, the Current Version of Lonzo Ball has an Overall 2K Rating of 82 with a 2-Way 3PT Playmaker Build. He has a total of 17 Badges.”

I dove into exactly what encompassed Lonzo’s rating, and even came up with a rating of my own.

Just so I don’t bore with a line-by-line analysis of each category, I’ll simply point out what I agree with, and disagree with.

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Outside Scoring

Overall Rating: 77 Outside Scoring
  • 55 Close Shot
  • 65 Mid-Range Shot
  • 84 Three-Point Shot
  • 79 Free Throw
  • 92 Shot IQ
  • 85 Offensive Consistency

Based on these sub categories, I’ll agree with this overall scoring. Lonzo has vastly improved his outside shooting, primarily the 3-point shot. Mid-range shooting is largely improved too, however, he still rarely looks to shoot shots other than 3-pointers mostly. Free throw shooting is spot-on, and I honestly wouldn’t sneeze at it being lower due to how rare he makes it to the free throw line altogether.

Final Verdict: Agree

Inside Scoring

Overall Rating: 56 Inside Scoring
  • 79 Layup
  • 30 Standing Dunk
  • 75 Driving Dunk
  • 35 Post Hook
  • 44 Post Fade
  • 40 Post Control
  • 59 Draw Foul
  • 84 Hands

It’s almost sad how much I have to agree with this scoring. Mainly frustrating due to the fact myself and others have implored Lonzo to improve on his inside scoring for years. This part of his game is virtually non-existent, and for someone who stands 6-foot-6, it’s quite alarming at times. Due to his excellent playmaking abilities, it has not been a major detriment to his game, but remains frustrating nonetheless.

Final Verdict: Agree


Overall Rating: 79 Defending
  • 60 Interior Defense
  • 86 Perimeter Defense
  • 80 Steal
  • 62 Block
  • 86 Lateral Quickness
  • 85 Help Defense IQ
  • 90 Pass Perception
  • 85 Defensive Consistency

With a rating such as this, I’m with Kevin Durant and any other NBA player who has beef with Ronnie 2K and any other 2K employee who had anything to do with ratings. Anything less than an 88 for Lonzo should be ignored and dismissed as pure drivel. Since his rookie year, Lonzo has been lauded as a great defender, and even garnered First-Team All-Defense consideration prior to his season-ending knee injury.

Final Verdict: Disagree


Overall Rating: 78 Athleticism
  • 85 Speed
  • 85 Acceleration
  • 52 Strength
  • 80 Vertical
  • 93 Stamina
  • 70 Hustle
  • 80 Overall Durability

I feel like the NBA 2K raters didn’t want to rate Lonzo too high, therefore, knocking him down in certain areas that those who’ve studied Lonzo for years would clearly take issue with. Lonzo is 6-foot-6, yet runs like a gazelle. His acceleration is accurate, but 52 strength? That would be apropos for someone like me, but not for a player who can literally guard positions one through four. Vertical and stamina I’m ok with, but a 70 hustle is laughable. Overall durability can honestly be dropped a few points though.

Final Verdict: Disagree


Overall Rating: 84 Playmaking
  • 88 Pass Accuracy
  • 86 Ball Handle
  • 85 Speed with Ball
  • 89 Pass IQ
  • 70 Pass Vision

Sigh. I’m a realist. I have no dog in this fight, but I can’t ignore blatant inaccuracies. Lonzo was compared to players like Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Penny Hardaway, and others. All who possessed top tier pass vision. How on earth Lonzo received a 70 is beyond me.

Final Verdict: Disagree


Overall Rating: 52 Rebounding
  • 41 Offensive Rebound
  • 62 Defensive Rebound

Throw the whole rating away! Ok, if this is purely based on numbers, I’m having trouble understanding the logic here. Lonzo is a career 5.7 rebounds per game player, and came into the league as a rookie averaging just under 7 (6.9 RPG).

Final Verdict: Disagree

Final Analysis

To be fair, judging a player like Lonzo is not easy. To the naked eye, unless you truly understand the game, his numbers appear average to above average. However, his importance to a team cannot be overstated. The Bulls were 27-13 when he was active, and 19-23 while he was injured. His intangibles supersede what meets the eye.

If I were a NBA 2K23 staffer, Lonzo’s rating would be an 85. We have yet to see just how special Lonzo can be, and unless he gets his injuries under control, we may never know.

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