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Brandon Williams recounts historic JBA League journey in his debut book

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Former JBA League Director of Media Relations, Brandon Williams has authored his debut book, The JBA League: A League of Our Own.

In 2018, LaVar Ball shook up the world when he created the first ever amateur professional basketball league as an alternative to the NCAA. With his 16-year-old superstar son, LaMelo, the league focused on recruiting 64 players from 8 major cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Seattle). The league wasn’t given much of a chance from the start, but with the help of a small, dedicated team, energetic coaches, and players who believed in the dream, the league accomplished its goal. Brandon shares his account of that hectic summer, and details what many on the outside were unaware of in what it took to accomplish this goal.

When asked about his motivations for writing this book, Brandon had this to say:

The JBA League was a pivotal moment in my life. What we did in taking LaVar’s vision, and turning it into reality was something most thought would be impossible. I witnessed a very young LaMelo Ball flourish right before my eyes, and I knew he would be a superstar. Not only that, but to watch over 80 young men compete and make our league a success was awe-inspiring. My hope is those who read this book truly get a sense of the enormous challenge we accomplished to pave the way for other leagues to continue our mission, which is to provide athletes an alternative to professional basketball beyond the NCAA.

The book is available for purchase here.

Brandon Williams is no stranger to making history. As COO of Touchdown Alabama Magazine, the first and only black-owned media outlet covering Alabama football, he has helped excel its coverage to new heights. His efforts with the JBA League brought millions of viewers across the world to view the upstart historic league.

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