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LaMelo Ball sprained ankle signals time for caution

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The LaMelo Ball sprained ankle, injured for the third time this season, could be a sign to protect it for the rest of the season. By “protect it for the rest of the season,” I mean genuine consideration should be given to him sitting on the sidelines for the remainder of the season. The LaMelo Ball sprained ankle happened yesterday in a 122-117 Charlotte Hornets victory over the Houston Rockets in Houston. Ball scored 13 points and had four assists before succumbing to the injury in the third quarter.

No one wants to see a similar injury to the one Lonzo Ball faces. I argue that Lonzo Ball’s health is what matters most. I feel the same about LaMelo’s health.

Melo can continue to train and work on his game without being on the court. He must do what is in the best interest of his and the Hornets’ future. A healthy and productive LaMelo Ball is in everyone’s best interest.

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LaMelo Ball sprained ankle is concerning

As a star NBA player, LaMelo Ball recognizes that his body has significant economic value in a capitalist economy. Therefore, he must be a wise steward of his body.

As a Marxist, I recognize how NBA players commodify their bodies for lucrative economic gains—millions of dollars. However, team owners generate billions from their players’ commodified bodies performing brilliantly in arenas across the nation and globe. These owners are only concerned about “the bottom line”—not their players’ long-term health.

In short, I know LaMelo is interested in a long career in the NBA and making millions of more dollars. Given this, I think he should forgo playing for the rest of the season to safeguard his ankle from long-term damage.

What do you think LaMelo Ball should do?

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