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NBA Player League Pass rankings: LaMelo Ball earns a spot on Second Team

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NBA League Pass is a great service where fans can watch their favorite teams and players no matter where they live. Today we’ve found out which players are the most sought-after stars to watch from the NBA Player League Pass rankings.

What are the NBA Player League Pass rankings? CBS Sports has given their rankings of the players that fans list as must-sees.

Anonymous NBA player made a harsh statement about LaMelo Ball and the Hornets

LaMelo earns a spot on the NBA Player League Pass rankings Second Team

LaMelo Ball has been on the wrong end of the news recently with his ankle injury that he suffered in the preseason and when reports came out that an anonymous player called him “trash”. This time, he gets some good news.

CBS Sports gave their top three teams of the most watchable players. This is similar to how the NBA gives out a list of three teams for the All-NBA.

For this list, LaMelo Ball lands on the Second Team. The article references LaMelo as a “League Pass darling” for his creative passing ability.

Do you agree with LaMelo’s ranking? Should he be ranked higher because of his exciting style of play? Or lower since his team tends to struggle?

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