Udonis Haslem critiques Ron DeSantis

Udonis Haslem Critiques Ron DeSantis

Udonis Haslem critiques Ron DeSantis about the destructive policies he has enacted in Florida. These policies have cast DeSantis and Florida in an unfavorable light. Udonis Haslem, 42, who, in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, became the oldest player to play in the NBA Finals. Haslem desires for people to stop viewing his state and its residents negatively because of the actions of DeSantis. Haslem wants folks to recognize that many Floridians disagree with their governor’s policies.

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Udonis Haslem Critiques Ron DeSantis

James Dator, staff writer at SB Nation, reported that Haslem said, “Well first and foremost I’m going to ask people out there to stop Florida-shaming us. Everybody ain’t down with what’s going on in Florida. People think that because you live in Florida, like you just down with the [expletive]. We’re not. I’m not down with it. I’m not happy about it.” Haslem’s courageous comments are vital, given that they help people to separate the state and its residents from DeSantis and his reckless policies.

While we are accustomed to hearing NBA superstars like LeBron James and Steph Curry use their platforms to expose injustices and advocate justice, Udonis Haslem proves that one does not need such large platforms to lift his voice meaningfully to challenge toxic policies. He has not made public comments critiquing politicians in the past, but his governor’s actions have compelled him to respond to them.

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Beyond being a member of the Miami Heat, Udonis Haslem is a Black man living in Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that defunds diversity, equity, and inclusion at public colleges and universities across Florida, which is an explicit attack on Black people like Haslem. Responding to this direct attack, James Dator reported that Haslem stated, “Diversity and inclusion and taking the [books away]. We’re not happy about that. I sit at home on the couch with my wife and raise hell.”

Haslem calls for people to vote to fight this attack on diversity, equity, inclusion, and academic freedom. Without exercising one’s right to vote, he expressed that a continual eroding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and academic freedom will occur in Florida.

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