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LaMelo Ball’s net worth

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LaMelo Ball is the young star guard of the Charlotte Hornets. He’s currently out with an ankle injury, but Charlotte expects him to be back on the court soon.

LaMelo’s play is exciting, which has led to him receiving many endorsements. These, along with his basketball contract, have led to LaMelo building his net worth. This leads to our next question: what is LaMelo Ball’s net worth?

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LaMelo Ball’s net worth

LaMelo Ball is in his third season and is currently on a contract, making an average of $8,899,069 per year. For his net worth, LaMelo is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million.

When LaMelo returns to action, you can expect him to return to his flashy ways, and his game has most likely improved, as most players’ games do after the summer. If LaMelo takes his game to the next level, he could be looking at a hefty pay raise.

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