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LaMelo Ball wants Miles Bridges to return to Charlotte Hornets

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Although the Charlotte Hornets’ leading scorer is facing serious legal issues, LaMelo Ball wants Miles Bridges to return to the team. In June, Bridges was charged with three counts of felony domestic violence. If cleared from those charges, the Hornets need him on the team to experience greater success. On Media Day today, LaMelo Ball’s brief statement of support demonstrates how valuable Bridges is to the team.

LaMelo Ball Wants Miles Bridges to Return This Season

Melo, the team’s true superstar, recognizes that the team becomes dramatically less competitive if it loses Miles Bridges’ 20.2 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists per game. No NBA team can easily replace its leading scorer. Ball and Bridges work so well together, and not having Bridges on the team can hurt the team’s overall chemistry. With several key elements to improve during training camp, the Charlotte Hornets would encounter a significant setback without Bridges on the starting roster.

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Leadership Demonstrated

Although LaMelo Ball is a young NBA star, his refusal to go in-depth about Miles Bridges reveals outstanding leadership. Unfortunately, we live in a postmodern epoch where many reporters wish to highlight “gotcha moments,” which can embarrass a player and team. Melo, however, understood the assignment: he confidently expressed his desire for his teammate to return to the team—nothing more, nothing less.

LaMelo communicated that he did not desire to engage in any negative thoughts. Keeping a positive outlook going into the season is essential. By informing the reporter that he did not want to inject negativity into the team’s Media Day coverage, he did not permit an unfortunate situation for the team to grow into an even more unfavorable situation by saying something inappropriate.

Melo comprehends that the legal charges Bridges confront are serious, but he supports his teammate during this challenging time. That is the mark of a young leader.

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