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The Chicago Bulls are missing Lonzo Ball

Lonzo goes for block
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The Chicago Bulls are currently 1-2 in their first three games, which isn’t terrible. Still, by watching the team through three games, it’s clear the Chicago Bulls are missing Lonzo Ball.

The Chicago Bulls’ offense has been stagnant thus far in the season. Out of the 30 teams in the league, the Bulls are currently ranked 27th on points per game at 104.0. Their offense rating is 105.7, which is ranked 28th of 30.

The Bulls are currently ranked 29th in three-point percentage at 29.3%. Lastly, the Bulls’ pace through three games is 98.4, which is ranked 21st.

As stated earlier, the Bulls’ offense has been stagnant. If Lonzo Ball was out on the floor, you can bet all those offensive numbers would be higher. Still, the Bulls’ offense isn’t their only worry, as their defense has also suffered without Lonzo.

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The Bulls miss Lonzo Ball

Last season, Lonzo Ball set the tone defensively for the Bulls. Lonzo averaged 1.8 steals, 0.9 blocks, and 4.4 defensive rebounds per game. Still, Lonzo’s defensive impact went beyond just the numbers.

After three games this season, the Bulls are giving up 112.7 points per game, which is 15th in the league. The Bulls’ defense rating is 114.5, 18th best in the league, and their net rating is -8.8, which is 26th out of 30.

It remains to be seen if the Bulls can improve on these numbers, but we all know once Lonzo Ball returns, the Bulls should improve in every area.

**Stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference**

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