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Big Baller Brand’s End-of-Summer Sale is happening now

lavar ball with suit and tie talking into a microphone on basketball court

Emerging from a swim in his pool with his dogs, LaVar Ball announces Big Baller Brand’s End-of-Summer Sale. Recognizing that fall begins on Thursday, September 22, 2022, Ball and his team at Big Baller Brand wisely offer discounted prices on the company’s slides and t-shirts.

Big Baller Brand’s End-of-Summer Sale Begins with a Splash

LaVar Ball knows how to spark interest in anything and anyone, including his sons and Big Baller Brand. Using Instagram as a free medium to provide consumers with information about the sale, Ball demonstrates brilliant marketing skills and delivers his winning and distinctive personality.

The Instagram post is an effective advertisement for Big Baller Brand’s End-of-Summer Sale. Allowing people to view his pool, a pool with Big Baller Brand’s logo emblazoned at the bottom of it, and witness him exiting the pool and drying off with a towel, the Big Baller draws his audience into the most crucial content he wants to share: the sale that features various Big Baller Brand slides and t-shirts at noticeably reduced prices.


LaVar Ball is a Social Media Master

When supplying specific details about the sale, he is calm and clear. The Ball patriarch employs social media platforms, including Instagram, in powerful ways. One cannot forget the masterful job he did using social media in a recent DirecTV advertisement.

People should expect to see more of him on social media platforms, given how well he uses these platforms. He shows that his impact can be felt beyond traditional media.

One should not think it is a coincidence that LaVar stands beside a pair of Big Baller Brand slides. He intends to give viewers a taste of what they can expect from a shopping expedition on Big Baller Brand’s website.

Purchase BBB Products Today

As a luxury brand, Big Baller Brand has prices the average customer finds expensive. With this sale, the company widens the possibilities for more consumers to make purchases.

Take advantage of these lower prices today and buy some Big Baller Brand slides and t-shirts.

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