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LaMelo Ball reacts to insane throwback pass from Charles Barkley

lamelo ball checking his phone at a basketball game

LaMelo Ball for years has made a living entertaining and dazzling fans with his play, particularly his passing. Whether it’s no-look dimes, behind the back whips, or between the legs alley oops, there’s little he cannot do with the ball in his hands.

Recently, Ball was asked to react to Hall of Famer and TNT analyst, Charles Barkley and one of his famous passes.

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The pass was a (almost) half court behind the back pass delivered with pinpoint accuracy and the flair exhibited by the likes of Magic Johnson and true point guards. Barkley, who stood about 6-foot-5 and a stout 260 pounds, moved with the grace of a player 60 pounds lighter and LaMelo was thoroughly impressed, and almost speechless.

Take a look at his reaction here.

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